Erasmus+ Programme 2021 - Deadline: 11.05.2021 (Closed)

Erasmus+ Programme 2021 - Deadline: 11.05.2021 (Closed)

The call covers the following actions:


Key Action 1 (KA1) – Learning Mobility of Individuals

  • Mobility of individuals in the fields of education, training and youth,
  • Youth participation Activities.


Key Action 2 (KA2) - Cooperation among Organisations and Institutions

  • Partnerships for Cooperation
    • Cooperation Partnerships
    • Small-scale Partnerships
  • Partnerships for Excellence
    • Centres for Vocational Excellence
    • Erasmus+ Teacher Academies
    • Erasmus Mundus Action
  • Partnerships for Innovation
    • Alliances for innovation
    • Not-for-profit Sport Events


Key Action 3 (KA3) - Support to Policy Development and Cooperation

  • European youth together

Jean Monnet actions:

  • Jean Monnet in the field of higher education
  • Jean Monnet in other fields of education and training


Available Funding

2,45 trillion euro (global)


Page of the Call


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