What is consortiums.eu

consortiums.eu is a simple-to-use technologically sophisticated web application for public, semi-public and private organizations interested in EU funding, which helps you to:

a) easily build partnerships (consortiums or consortia) necessary either for project proposals prepared to be submitted under calls of EU funding programmes or for general cooperation matters (e.g. general partnerships, partnerships for sub-programmes of approved EU funded programmes - such as for the implementation of transnational or trans-local sub-programmes of the LEADER Initiative, etc.),

b) get easily and quickly found from consortiums’ developers who prepare project proposals to be submitted under calls of EU funding programmes,

c) network with other organizations interested in EU funding programmes, EU funded projects, consortium news and relevant issues, i.e. our web application is also a specialized community for the exchange of news, ideas, success stories and views for EU funding programmes and funded projects and their products, results and impacts.

This e-Manual explains the procedures that any organization working in the field of EU funding programmes needs to follow for registering on consortiums.eu, exploiting it to quickly create successful consortiums, setting up appropriate profiles for consortiums’ developers (partners seekers), and using all its modules and services. It also explains how consulting firms can exploit consortiums.eu to create successful consortiums for their clients.

The “Anonymous Visitor” Status

When you (any person interested in EU funding programmes and the EU community) visit consortiums.eu for the first time without making a registration (i.e. without providing us with a username, a password and an e-mail), you can have a simple overview of what our web application can do and what it can offer you, i.e.: 1) you can read our guiding documents (e-Manual, Use Agreement, Privacy Policy, Community Guidelines, Cookie Policy and Copyright Policy), 2) you can read about the subscription packages we offer, and 3) you can use our communication form to make a question (if necessary) to our Administrator and team. If you click any other button or link, you will be asked to create an account to become a “Registered Visitor” (see next chapter), by simply giving your e-mail, a username, a password and your consent for our terms of use. By sending us your e-mail address, you will allow consortiums.eu to send you e-mails on its products and news (of course, if you decide it, you can ask us to remove your e-mail from our recipients’ list).